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Walk & Talk Therapy

What is ‘Walk and Talk Therapy’?

‘Walk and Talk’ therapy can be helpful for those people who find traditional counselling difficult.

Some people may feel uncomfortable with the idea of sitting in a room with the sense of ‘being watched’ by another. For some people the idea of therapy rooms and the idea of  ‘therapy couches’ can be daunting. This is when Walk and Talk Therapy may be a beneficial way of working through problems in the outdoors.

By walking together outdoors, both you and I  will be journeying towards something new together.

You choose your path

You choose your path

Side by side, walking in the open air can create a sense of well being and feeling refreshed.

There will be places and times for the you to be able to choose a place to sit and reflect with me.

The first session always begins in my therapy room where we discuss what you want from Walk and Talk Therapy.  By acknowledging the purpose of  your Walk and Talk Therapy sessions we contract for future session and ensure secure boundaries are in place.