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Relationship Counselling

If you are looking for space where you and your partner can sit down and work out what needs to change in your relationship, then Relationship Counselling may be for you.

Some people find themselves in relationships that don’t work, but through fear of change or fear of failing, they decide to remain unhappy together. For some the fear of being alone is so scary that tension and fighting within a relationship is what keeps them unhappy but safe with the familiar disharmony.

Transitions are often perceived as uncomfortable, challenging and have the potential for a worse outcome. Transitions are also opportunities for freedom, acceptance and the potential for a better outcome.

Do you find yourself stuck in a relationship that feels stale?

Do you want to invest in making your relationship feel secure and fresh again?

Do you wonder how life would be on your own and yet fear the loneliness?

Do you feel the need to ‘soldier on’ so people don’t notice the struggle?

Do you know what you want to change but fear stops you?

If you can relate to any of the above and want to do something different about your own relationship feel free to contact me on  07447 674804Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 13.08.47