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Writing Therapy

I’ve always been interested in and enjoyed writing poetry, articles and short stories. I find the medium of expressing myself on paper both therapeutic and rewarding. 

Many of my clients have told me of similar experiences with writing as a therapeutic activity, and I have always encouraged those who find it helpful to express themselves this way.

Some have brought pieces for me to read – perhaps because it was easier than saying it aloud, or they wanted to summarise a lot of difficult life experiences in one place, or they were trying to find a way of telling someone what they really thought or felt and writing it down first helped. Indeed, there are probably as many reasons for writing as there are writers. And, of course, some have written their thoughts and feelings without sharing them and it still helped them.

Perhaps the most important advantage of writing (and writing therapy) is that it’s a way of having a dialogue with ourselves (and anyone we chose to share it with) Our words (thoughts, beliefs, feelings) have stopped whizzing round our head and are now ‘out there’ for us to reflect on. 

If you choose to use the option of writing therapy with me, you can email your writing to me or send photographs of your handwritten pieces. Then you and I can reflect together. 

The same protocol regarding confidentiality applies.

Note: writing therapy isn’t about spelling or grammar. It’s about content – your expression of yourself.